“The deplorable condition of the unsaved”

Ephesians 2:1-3 describes the deplorable condition of those who are unsaved. These verses remind us that the sinner “is dead in trespasses and sins”. Satan and the world system keep them in a constant state of deception. They are depraved in their appetites and actions, in this state, they have no appetite for the things of God. Their only goal is to satisfy their lusts and gratify their flesh. In this dead, deceived, and depraved condition, they are separated from God, and they are doomed to face God in judgment someday. The lost sinner is in a terrible situationIf you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are in trouble! You need to be saved by His grace, and you need to be saved today! Because as a lost sinner you are dead, you are trapped in this lost condition and you can do nothing to deliver yourself. Your flesh, your mind, and your will have all been affected by sin. Every part of your being is tainted by, and trapped in, sin. Try as you might, all your attempts at religious activity and self-improvement can never make you right with God. None of your self-efforts can take away your sins. Nothing you can do will ever make you fit for Heaven! Left alone, the lost sinner will never become holy. He will never seek God. He will never escape the fires of Hell.

The present condition and future condemnation of the lost sinner could not be stated in any more horrible terms than it is right here in this passage. That is where the lost sinner is today, and that is where we all were at one time.

What a dead, deceived, depraved and doomed sinner needs is divine intervention. That is exactly what the passage before us describes. In clear, simple language, Paul tells us that when we were lost in our sins God intervened to bring salvation to our souls! What I want you to understand today is “What Jonah Understood”, “salvation is of the Lord,” Jonah 2:9. In fact, salvation is a divine invasion. God personally invades the dead, alien heart of the lost sinners and causes that dead sinner to become a living saint by His amazing, life-changing grace! Amen.

God Be With You.

Rev. Gerald Stewart

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